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Neurogenic Bladder developed after brain cancer :one case report
chellal ghozléne

Last modified: 2019-08-20



Neurogenic bladder dysfonction in children is an anomaly of innervation of lower urinary tract ,it is difficult to diagnose because of the many organic etiology resulting from we can divided them into congenital an acquired.

Our case is about a rare entity of the acquired cerebral etiology dominated by cerebral palsy and infections of the nervous system : brain cancer .


It is about a 10 years old girl with medical history of neoplastic process left lateral ventricul . She beneficiated of cytopnction and biopsie that showed a glial tumor, she had surgery twice (2015-2016) and she's actually in complete remission ;when they established a work up ultrasound showed a bilateral hydroureteronephrosis whithout repercussion .

After that, this girl suffered from episodes of pyelonephritis that brings her to consult paediatric surgeon .

Clinical and spine exam were normal, only painful right lumbar contact

Biology showed anaemia, urinalysis was sterile.

Radiology :ultrasound/voiding cystourethrography retrograde /urethra cystography,showed ureterohydronephrosis moderate at RK and very important (6mm CMI)at the LK stage 4. Wall bladder was irregular, multidiverticular with 50cc residual.

Scintigraphy showed altered drainage (64%RK ,36%LK)without pyelonephritis scars .

Urodynamic showed high leak pint pressure , hypo compliant overactive bladder


Brain cancer can be the cause of neurogenic bladder with same manifestation as common etiology our management was to start CIC in order to preserve upper urinary tract with good evolution after that, parents asked us to avoid surgery because of the past medical history .


Treatment strategies are varying with etiology management should consider patient and parents collaboration specially with such a rare and handicapping association :brain cancer-neurogenic bladder.