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Polyorchidism testis can reavel another :one case report
chellal ghozléne

Last modified: 2019-08-20


Polyorchidism is a rare congenital urogenital anomaly defined as the presence of more than two testes the diagnosis is done during surgery or after complications (testis twist..) it must been differentiated from transvers testicular ectopia.


We report the case of a 5years old child who was admitted for a bilateral cryptorchidism confirmed by clinical exam and ultrasound.

We started our surgery by the right side and a simple orchidopexy was done.Then we explored the left side by inguinal abord we identified the first testis ,his size was normal but his vas deferns was absent when we towed the spermatic cord another testis appeared from inside the deep inguinal ring it was hypotrophic with good vas deferens and separate epididymis that inguinal exploration found to be variety C according LEUNG classification .

Both testes were brought down into the left scrotum


Polyorchidism is a rare anomaly (140cases reported till now) there is no consensus on the management of this pathology, patient can be followed up after conserving treatment if there is no malignancy because of potential risks to fertility if not an orchidectomy can be an option .


The psychological aspect of this anomaly must not been forgotten specially for the parents: having more testes does not mean that their child has more fertility it's unfortunately the opposite.