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Handlebar hernia in children: a case report.
hiba benmerzoug

Last modified: 2019-09-09



Traumatic abdominal wall hernias are rare in children. They are typically caused by bicycle handlebar trauma. We report a case of a right pararectal posttraumatic hernia.


A 10-year-old boy hospitalized in emergency for an isolated handlebar abdominal trauma. Clinical condition and hemodynamic constants were stable. Abdominal examination shows a 10 cm painful right flank tumefaction. CT scan shows an external oblique muscle defect of 6 cm with intestinal herniation through, with a muscle contusion. The patient was operated 48 hours later, with hernia reparation.


Handlebar hernia is a rare traumatic abdominal wall in children. All children who have this type of trauma should be explored for immediate or delayed hernia.