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Handlebar hernia in children : a case report.
Hiba Benmerzoug

Last modified: 2019-10-09


Type of communication: Poster.

Title: Handlebar hernia in children: a case report.

Authors: H. Benmerzoug*, MO. Belaloui**

* Mohamed Boudiaf hospital. Oum El Bouaghi.

**EHS Sidi Mabrouk. Constantine.

**Faculty of medicine. Constantine 3 University.

Introduction:Traumatic abdominal wall hernias are rare in children. They are typically caused by bicyclehandlebar trauma. We report a case of a right pararectal posttraumatic hernia.

Observation:A 10-year-old boy hospitalized in emergency for an isolated handlebar abdominal trauma.Clinical condition and hemodynamic constants were stable. Abdominal examination showsa 10 cm painful right flank tumefaction. CT scan shows an external oblique muscle defectof 6 cm with intestinal herniation through, with a muscle contusion. The patient wasoperated 48 hours later, with hernia repair.

Conclusion:Handlebar hernia is a rare traumatic abdominal wall in children. All children who have thistype of trauma should be explored for immediate or delayed hernia.