You are cordially invited to attend the Third International Symposium on the Geology of the Maghrebides chain and adjacent areas (CIGCM 2022) which will take place 3-6 December 2022 in Setif (Algeria). The Symposium will be held in the Institute of Architecture and Earth Sciences of Ferhat Abbas University, Setif , one of the Algeria's largest universities.  

The aim of this Symposium is to bring together the national and international scientific community working on subjects related to the geology (in its broad sense inlcuding structural geology, petrology, sedimentary geology, geophysics ; mineral, water and energy resources ; geoheritage, etc.) of the Maghrebides chain (North Africa and Southern Europe) and adjacent areas (including Atlasic and Saharan domains). Following the success of the first and second edition of the CIGCM (2016 and 2018), this third edition  will give the opportunity to present the latest advances in the field covering the scientific themes of the symposium, an to provide a place of preparation of new research projects.



University of Ferhat Abbas, Setif 1

The Institute of Architecture and Earth Sciences