Conditions of participation


1. The paper should be in one of the conference axes, characterized by seriousness in proposition and scientific originality, exact methodology, and the integrated cited list of appendices and references using the APA method;

2. The paper has not been published, and the author bears responsibility for the scientific content of his paper;

3. Papers must be written in Arabic, English, or French, according to the modls allocated to it;

in Arabic: Click here, & in foreign language: Click here

4. The number of pages does not exceed 18 pages including references and supplements and at least 13 pages (page 1 for Author’s personal informations, page 2 for the summary, starting on page 3 to 18: Content);

5. The first page of the paper must contain all information on authors: Full name, scientific level, university establishment or working institution, e-mail, phone, paper’s subject, and Axis of participation;

6. The papers will be published in a conference book bearing the International Standard Book Number (ISBN);

7. Broadcast the conference on channels of AFAQ Media Production: Accepted papers will also be published (video of the author presenting his paper) on the main channel after the events of the Conference;

8. The interventions will be published in a conference book bearing the International Standard Book Number (ISBN);

9. If participant are not committed to formal and specific terms, so he will be excluded from participation even if his paper is acceptable;

10. Accept the research papers prepared by three authors;

11. After accepting papers:

11.1. The author should shoot a video with a duration not exceeding 8 minutes in which he presents his paper, or filming a presentation through ZOOM APP or using the Power Point 2019 program built-in (with video of the author), then he upload the video on the Google Drive platform and sends the link;

11.2. For montage and LIVE BROADCAST of the conference events on the YouTube platform; In addition to the above the authors who accepted their research papers must send:  A professional picture of the presenter author.